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Lead Automation & Integration Specialist
This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Youngsville, LA

The Automation & Integration Specialist Lead is responsible for leading individuals and teams of control systems Engineers, programmers, and SCADA technicians in design, consulting, configuration, and programming automation safety and controls systems involving PLCs (programmable logic controllers), DCS (Distributed Control Systems), RTUs (Remote Terminal Units), HMIs (Human Machine Interface), and EFM (Electronic Flow Measurement) devices. Duties would be a lead supervisor role in design, integration, creating, revising, troubleshooting, and technical support for programs or configuration of various devices referenced herein, following process flow diagrams, logic diagrams, P&IDís and Cause & Effect Charts. Duties will also include training on setup and staging of project automation equipment, simulation and testing, debugging, and on-site commissioning and start-up tasks. Proven experience and work history in a lead role for design, integration, training, programming and configuration of various SCADA equipment and communications devices related to SCADA systems.


  • College or technical school degree in Controls Engineering / Controls Automation is desired. Project management and lead role experience is required. Extensive experience and work history will be evaluated and considered.
  • Minimum of 10 yearsí experience in design, integration, and programming automation and SCADA equipment including PLC, DCS, RTU, HMI, EFM (lead role desired)
  • Vast Oil & Gas process knowledge
  • Extensive experience with electronic, pneumatic and transducing devices
  • Strong working knowledge of electrical systems, MCCs, VFDs and related schematics
  • Proficient in troubleshooting, problem solving, technical support and training of personnel on various automated equipment
  • Ability to handle basic mechanical tools
  • Above average organizational skills

Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Lead / supervisor role in design, integration, programming, troubleshooting, technical support, training, and maintaining SCADA systems involving PLCs, DCS, RTUs, HMIs, EFM
  • Must have a proven track record in a lead/supervisor role in various automation systems design, and integration.
  • Must be able to create programs logic following process flow diagrams, control narratives and/or descriptions, logic diagrams, P&IDís and SAFE (Cause & Effect) Charts for design, programming, simulation, testing, and start-up.
  • Thorough understanding of API-RP-14C and 14F
  • The ideal candidate should have a proven track record in automation systems design and integration as well as the ability to develop and implement standard engineering practices, as well as provide detailed documentation during and upon project completion.
  • Interpret engineering drawings and documentation to generate PLC programs for control and safety systems
  • Configure and program operator interfaces (OIT, HMI) for SCADA
  • Participate in field commissioning, start-up, and maintenance activities.
  • Thorough knowledge and history of programming using some of the following:
    • PLC'S: Allen Bradley Logix family, ScadaPack family, Siemens, GE, Modicon, Koyo / Automation Direct
    • PLC programming Software: RS Logix 5000, TelePace Studio, Isagraph, IEC 1131-3 programming languages (Ladder Logic, Function Blocks, and Structured Text)
    • OIT: A-B PanelView Plus, KEPware, GP-Pro (Pro-Face), Red Lion Crimson 2 & 3
    • SCADA HMI: Ignition, WonderWare, RSView


  • BS in Controls Engineering / Controls Automation, AS, or Trade School training degree in Controls Automation, electrical, or manufacturing discipline or minimum of ten or more years of related experience in the Oil & Gas field.
  • Knowledge of Ethernet-based networks in industrial control applications including MODBUS TCP and other communications protocols, and SCADA communications utilizing spread-spectrum radios.
  • Proven experience in maintaining, programming, testing, installing, commissioning, modifying, and installation scope development of PLC hardware, code and configuration
  • Take a high degree of ownership while completing assignments with minimal supervision, clearly and effectively communicate with personnel from all groups, successfully manage capital project priorities, learn new and then apply complex technical concepts, and deliver quality results with attention to detail.
  • Ability to effectively use hand tools, meters, scopes, communications analysis hardware, HART 475 Programmer and other pertinent specialized equipment.
  • Well-developed technical communication skills, as well as strong and effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Flexibility to work (8 to 12 hours daily), stand-by, on-call, holidays, etc when required.
  • Ability to understand customer needs and assume responsibility for customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to work in all types of environments; hot, cold, dust, indoors, outdoors
  • Adhere to strict safety practices
  • Must have valid driver's license and excellent driving record
  • Experience in leading or working in a group to meet job objectives on time and in budget
  • Ability to travel and occasionally work on job sites in state, out of state and offshore in the oil fields for commissioning and start-up activities.


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