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Oil Spill Cleanup Operations - Monday, June 7, 2010

Quality Companies has stepped to the forefront on the Oil Spill Situation in the Gulf of Mexico resulting from the tragic loss of the Deepwater Horizon. As a Louisiana based company, we understand fully the potentially devastating consequences the leaking oil and gas might have on our already fragile coastline. As Louisiana residents, we feel it is our duty and responsibility to assist in cleaning up this oil and attempt to minimize its impact on our ecosystem.

For that reason, we are attempting to recruit and mobilize 100's of cleanup technicians all along the Louisiana coast. Our first priority is to hire Louisiana residents wherever possible to assist in the cleanup operation. Our rationale for this is simple: Louisiana residents stand to lose most from the spill and our citizens are a hardy bunch that continually thrives in the face of catastrophic events. We've dealt with hurricanes, massive floods, and a number of other natural and other disasters, and have continued to press forward through these events with unmatched determination and resolve. We are also welcoming applications from non-Louisianians, as it has become clear that it will take a massive number of dedicated personnel to clean up this spill and minimize the damage to Louisiana and the entire Gulf coast.

Those interested in assisting in the cleanup operation are invited to complete our online application process here on our website, or contact one of our two administrative offices for more details.


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